Counselling Couples and Individuals in Windsor and Maidenhead

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In these difficult and troubling times it can be helpful to share your anxieties. Whether you are a couple who are struggling with lockdown or an individual who feels affected by this change in lifestyle. Maybe staying at home is magnifying forgotten issues or lack of contact is causing feelings of grief or panic. I believe that sharing is a valuable way to make sense of our thoughts and feelings. Please get in contact if this is you.

I can offer Facetime, Zoom or Skype for a confidential counselling session.

What I offer


Counselling couples and individuals in Windsor and Maidenhead

All relationships have challenges. This does not mean they need to end. Indeed counselling can help relationships to find a new direction and meaning allowing them to take on a new lease of life.

 I work with how you both relate to the problem, to other people and to me. We will reflect on the issues at hand. I will offer my  perspective. I will challenge your point of view. We will sit together and accept the feelings however overwhelming they may seem.     

I also see each person separately and then back together as a couple.

This process can help explore the problems between you both more fully so you can set a new path forward. 


Our Journey

 This work means embarking on a journey towards a place in your life that is yet to be defined: A prospect that can be both exciting and terrifying! But you will not be alone – we work together until you feel it is time to go.  


An Opportunity to Invest in Yourself

The past cannot be changed.

How we feel about it can.

This is when therapy can really help.

The future has yet to be determined and this work can bring possibility you may never have considered.

Areas for Counselling

Relationship Issues

Anxiety and Panic Attack

Relationship Issues


Finding ways to listen and understand one another.


Anxiety and Panic Attack

Relationship Issues


Revealing the trapped feelings behind the mask.

Anxiety and Panic Attack

Anxiety and Panic Attack

Anxiety and Panic Attack


Finding a way to feel the fear and still survive


Physical or Emotional Abuse

Anxiety and Panic Attack


Coming to terms with loss


Physical or Emotional Abuse

Physical or Emotional Abuse


Finding a way to express rage in a helpful way 

Physical or Emotional Abuse

Physical or Emotional Abuse

Physical or Emotional Abuse


Needing to be heard

Training, Qualifications and Experience



Educational & Experience

Educational & Experience

  1. UKCP Registered Psychotherapist 
  2. M.A in Psychotherapy and Counselling 
  3. Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy 
  4. B.A (Hons) in Business Studies  
  5. Marketing Diploma

18 years in Marketing roles for Blue Chip companies bringing knowledge of business to bear within the therapeutic context.

I abide by the ethical codes of conduct issued by the UKCP



Educational & Experience

Educational & Experience

Educational & Experience

I trained for 5 years including 3 years of my own personal therapy and have been counselling couples and individuals in Windsor and Maidenhead for 10 years.

In addition to my private practice, I have worked for Heatherwood Hospital NHS Mental Health Psychotherapy department and for the Slough branch of Turning Point, the alcohol and drug addiction agency. 

I work with many Senior Executives who experience problems both at home as well as at work and my 18 years in industry gives me insight into the difficulties of corporate life.

My UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) registration requires me to acquire 50 hours of continuous personal training development each year. 

Additionally, using my psychological skills alongside my corporate experience, I offer facilitation training days to small companies who are looking to boost team morale and spend time out of the office to plan future business opportunities.


My Philosophy

Educational & Experience

My Philosophy

My approach allows me to work with most issues. 

My modality is Existential Phenomenological. This means I see each person as unique. There is no set agenda. I will listen to your feelings; challenge your perspective; dialogue with your thoughts and explore what it means to be you.  

Change occurs when you are willing to engage with your issues. How we relate as therapist and client is part of that change. This unique relationship allows the unsaid to be said and the hidden to be revealed.

This process gives you permission to re-evaluate how you relate to the world and this in turn offers you choice about the your way forward.  

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Individual therapy :

£75 per 50 min 

Couples therapy :

£90 per 75 min

Student rates & Lockdown Concessions available

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